The Writer in Me

I think I should write a book about dating in the 21st century. Seriously. I KNOW it would be funny! Oh, and educational. For sure! It could start with, “A magician, a prison guard and a backslid Christian walk into a bar …”

But seriously. I am putting together a manuscript. I really am. An honest to goodness for real manuscript. I know, it’s about time, right? Still, there’s a huge part of me that doesn’t believe anyone is interested in anything I’ve got to say. I know there are people who look to me and think I know a thing or two about this writing stuff … damn! Have I ever pulled the wool over their eyes! 🙂

Mood: procrastinating, but trying to get back on track and write something
Drinking: water, but thinking maybe tea or hot chocolate is in order
Listening To: train whistling past enroute to Bathurst, Campbellton, Quebec City and Montreal by tomorrow morning
Hair: ponied up and clean

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