Wii Will Rock You

Well it’s that time of the year again when I’m possessed by the spirit of consumerism and start buying everything in sight! I’ve got all my Christmas shopping done and now I’ve started buying stuff for me. I’ve been a good girl all year … haven’t I?

I rather impulsively ordered a Wii system off Amazon.ca the other day. I mean I’ve been thinking about it, about the possible health benefits of something like a Wii Fit for example. But I really wasn’t looking to spend that much money on myself. Normally I just buy a new top, a few DVDs, a bunch of liquor … but oh no, not this year. This year I’m going the whole nine yards. What recession?

Yeah, I’m feeling a little reckless and irresponsible. But bygones. There’s not much I can do about it now. The incessant ringing of the doorbell woke me before 8 this morning. This was not good as I’d only gone to bed at 4am. I had the alarm set for 9, giving me the preferred five hours sleep that I require to function well. When I realized the person wasn’t going away I figured it must be my sister or one of my brothers-in-law on their way to work and needing me badly. I stumbled to the door, peeked through the peephole and didn’t recognize the guy lounging in the foyer. But I recognized the box! A parcel! From Amazon! Wow! That Wii got here mighty fast!

So I opened the door and squinted at him as I signed the little machine. “Sorry to wake you,” he gushed. “But I needed a signature, couldn’t just leave it at the door.”  Well thank the jebeesus! My building is safe but a Wii in the hall is not the ideal situation in any scenario.

I stumbled back to bed with a cup of coffee and my new toy, opened the box and read some of the set-up and user manual. One thing soon became clear … I had no freaking idea what I was buying when I bought it! I mean no clue. I got the wireless control thing, a bit, but I had no idea about Wi-Fi capabilities, surfing the Internet, getting the latest weather and news, downloading new games from the Nintendo store … Wowsers!

I didn’t hook the thing up right away. I went to work at the computer like normal, enjoying the unusual sunny morning. But by the middle of the afternoon I couldn’t wait any longer and I hooked it up to see what it was all about. I didn’t do any serious gaming, just poked around here and there. All I have for a game so far anyway is the Wii Sports that came with the console. So I tried a little tennis, boxing, bowling, baseball and golf. Boxing is probably my favourite so far, though a few minutes here and there isn’t much of an opportunity to decide favourites. You actually do work up a sweat playing the thing, depending on how into it you get. I got right into the boxing and was doing pretty good after a few fights. Knocked out a guy even! I think the system saves my progress and I get to start at a more difficult setting next time.

So yeah, once again I’ve probably spent more money than I can afford, but I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with this system and I think it’ll help me to get off the couch and away from the computer screen more frequently, which will be good for me. Anything that discourages couch potato activity is all right in my book. I’m looking forward to getting dancing and cheerleading games and something called Active Life Outdoor Challenge that will have my heart pumping. And of course the Wii Fit. Overall, I’m a happy camper this evening.

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