Day 8 – Gettin’ Squirrelly

On Wednesday morning I think I saw my first ever black squirrel in Miramichi. I have seen black squirrels before, Toronto was full of them when I lived there, but never around here. We have the smaller red squirrels and a whole lot of huge grey squirrels, occasionally I even see a chipmunk, who isn’t even a squirrel at all. But a black squirrel? Here? Never have I ever … until this week … I think. I mean he maybe could have been a red squirrel who was so soaked that his fur looked black, but it seems unlikely, unless he fell in the river or something. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to mention this discovery to my father, who enjoys the grey squirrels and will surely be interested if the black ones are starting to show up around here.

Life has been getting a little squirrelly for me too this week. With the province back in the orange zone I find myself alone again in my bubble of one, which is fine because it’s still the first week back from vacation and work is already insane. I was up before 4 this morning, unable to sleep any longer because I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things that must, must, MUST be created and delivered today. So, better to get up and get productive when sleep isn’t happening, rather than roll around and get cranky and emerge with the alarm exhausted and foggy and having accomplished nothing.

I got up about 3:45 a.m. and made a cup of coffee, poured a big glass of water, and turned on YouTube to follow along and do a 10 minute stretching video that I enjoy and makes me feel good in the mornings. Then I did a new 10 minute guided meditation video with a YouTuber I follow. I noted my sleep time, energy levels, how I was feeling, today’s top priorities, and three things I feel grateful for in my Mental Health Daily Journal. I read aloud two pages of positive affirmations that I’ve written, the thank you letter that I wrote to myself, and I reviewed my goals for this month, this year, and the next three, five and 10 years. I read my reasons for wanting to achieve my goals and reviewed my action plans.

And then I came here, to think about squirrels and just get my fingers moving across the keyboard. All before 6 a.m. I enjoy early mornings, even super early ones like today. Tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep a bit longer if I want, the same for Sunday. But only if today I accomplish much so I don’t have to carry any of these work thoughts into my weekend. Off I go! TGIF!

Gratitude: weekends off work, refreshing glasses of water, strong hot black coffee
Focus: having a super productive and efficient work day, eating well to nourish my body, regular movement away from the desk
Inspiration: “The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action.” Alexander Graham Bell
Sounds: God Bless Saturday, Kid Rock
Connection: thinking about all my American friends and wishing them stability and peace

Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay

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