Discovering a new recipe

Hello! It’s a gorgeous Sunday morning on the Mighty Miramichi!

I had a productive day yesterday. For the second consecutive week, I’ve taken my Saturday to get organised for the upcoming week. I clean up my personal inbox, pay my bills, update my budget, plan a menu for the week, order groceries, pick up the groceries, clean up my refrigerator and pantry, and stow the groceries away.

I’ve been using a site called Lighter to discover new recipe ideas. Left on my own I eat nearly the same thing every day, which is not only kind of boring but also leaves some big gaps in my nutrition. I’ve been using Cronometer to track my nutrients. Last week I noticed that I am not really good at getting enough Calcium, for example. So I bought some new things to help me reach the daily requirement … fortified soy milk, almonds, bok choy, dried apricots, dried figs, and oranges. I already have been adding Chia seeds to many of my dishes, eating more white beans, using sunflower seed butter and tamari more frequently, and eating way more kale and broccoli. This week, I should easily get enough calcium.

I have two goals, obviously I want to shed some pounds, but just as important I want to strengthen my immune system. I think that’s our strongest defence against not just the latest COVID-19, but all disease moving forward. I haven’t been supporting my immune system very well these past few years, and it shows with all the sick days I needed last winter. I can do better. I have done better in the past. I am doing better now.

I tried a new recipe for tacos last night. They were so simple, so healthy, and so delicious! My boyfriend ate six! I wish I remembered to take a photo because they really looked good too. You can find the basic recipe here if you’re interested. I used white kidney beans instead of pinto beans because I had a can already open in the fridge. I added a whole tomato, chopped, because it was starting to go soft, on its last days. I didn’t have any fresh lime, so I just used a teaspoon of lime juice. I used two cobs of corn because that’s what I had left to use up from last week’s shop. And I chopped a green onion and added it to the taco mix. I added hot salsa and sodium free hot sauce to my tacos, and Newman’s Own pineapple salsa to my boyfriends tacos. I will be making these again, for sure!

Normally when we make tacos I use Yves ground round and I add a packet of Blue Menu taco seasoning. We top the “meat” mixture with lettuce shreds, salsa, and Daiya cheese shreds. They are also delicious, but in a different kind of way. I don’t know, I think the bean tacos are going to be the new normal now, because these were tasty and healthy. Plus they were super easy, I made the mix in one bowl. The filling is delicious hot or cold … and I’m not usually a big fan of the cold.

So yes, everyone can use a few more beans in their diet I’m sure, and these are an amazing way to get some in. Let me know if you try it, or if you’re already a big fan of bean tacos, do you have a different variation you prefer? I am open to suggestions!

Mood: all this talk of food is making me hungry
Drinking: lots of water this morning
Listening To: House Hunters International on HGTV
Hair: unruly

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